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4-Post Servo-Hydraulic 600 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Cutting Press, Shuttle Table 850*800 mm

Product Description
Frame style4-post press
ApplicationJigsaw puzzle die cutting
Tonnage600 Ton
Driven SourceServo-hydraulic
Ship To / Place of UseBrazil
Power Supply Three-phase AC 220V 60 Hz
Intended UseToys

Many customers find Shuntec for 100~2000 pieces jigsaw puzzle production line, including 600 ton jigsaw puzzle cutting press, jigsaw puzzle scattering machine, and automatic jigsaw puzzle bagging machine.

Shuntec-SA01 Series Servo-Hydraulic 600 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Die Cutting Press

the Shuntec-SA01 series servo-hydraulic jigsaw puzzle die cutting press machines are highly optimized-design, and widely used for 100~2000 piece heavy-duty jigsaw puzzle die cutting requirements. Due to the super rigidity of the 4-post frame structure and precision bed-to-ram parallelism, and the ±1% high cutting pressure repeat accuracy, Shuntec jigsaw puzzle presses are helping our customers to achieve the perfect die cutting quality per cut, for the jigsaw puzzle production. no other jigsaw puzzle press will perform more efficiently, safely, and reliably than a Shuntec puzzle press.

Advantages of Shuntec 600 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Cutting Press

First of all, compared to the conventional hydraulic press, the advances of Shuntec servo-hydraulic jigsaw puzzle press are obvious:
• Much faster approaching, pressing, and return speed
• All speed adjustable during the whole stroke
• Pressure repeat accuracy: ±1%, to ensure high and same quality cutting result per cut
• 30%~60% lower energy consumption
• Much less noise level
• All parameters programmable on the central color touchscreen
• More reliable and less need for maintenance during the entire lifetime

Secondly, much safer operation due to sufficient protective procedures.
• Dual start button, two-hand pressing buttons simultaneously required
• Safety light curtains on both front and rear operation sides
• Touch-trigger-return protective device on the front operation side
• Emergency stop button on both front and rear operation sides
• Interlocked safety mesh shield covers the left and right side of the bed table
• Pneumatic safety ratchet bar to prevent the sudden fall of the hydraulic cylinder, in case of any error happening to the hydraulic system
• Safety operation indicator with triple color (green/yellow/red) indicator light & buzzer
• Portable T-stand operation console to keep the operator away from the running machine

Thirdly, all Shuntec jigsaw puzzle die cutting presses have a cutting die locking device. The locking device is adjustable with sliding rails which is applicable for locking a range of cutting dies with different dimensions. And, the die locking device is very easy to operate, you can quickly set up die-cut production and mold-change.

Finally, we cooperate directly with the world-famous electric and hydraulic parts supplier. Our presses are much more reliable and with less need for maintenance during the entire lifetime.

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