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Custom-made 4-Post 4-Platen 20-Ton Servo-Hydraulic Double Action Deep Drawing Press

Product Description
Frame style 4-post 4-platen deep drawing press
ApplicationDeep drawing aluminum and stainless steel elbows
Tonnage20 Ton
Driven SourceServo-hydraulic
Ship To / Place of UseCanada
Power Supply Three-phase AC 480V 60 Hz
Intended UseMechanical insulation systems

This "build-to-order" Shuntec-A02 PRO 4-post 4-platen 20-ton servo-hydraulic double action deep drawing press was recently designed and built for a customer from Canada. The application of the press is for deep drawing and forming the aluminum and stainless steel elbow for metal jacketing systems. The servo-hydraulic deep drawing presses feature a 4-post 4-platen frame structure, with a separated machine body and servo-hydraulic control unit. With the built-in load cell, position transducer, and 10-inch HMI, the press brings our client the ability of precise closed-loop control for pressing force and position of the main cylinders. In order to separately control the blank-holding pressure at multiple points of the product during the deep drawing process, we have designed the blank-holding system with 4 lower blank-holding cylinders, with which the blank-holding force of each lower cylinder can be set and adjusted separately. All parameters of the double action deep drawing press including tonnage, stroke, daylight, and bed sizes can be customized to best meet your requirements.

Custom Features of 4-Post 4-Platen 20-Ton Servo-Hydraulic Double Action Deep Drawing Press

  • Separated servo-hydraulic control unit and machine body, easy for layout
  • 50% less energy consumption
  • Custom-made 4-post 4 platen structure with heavy welded and rib-reinforced steel frame, to ensure maximum rigidity and minimum deflection
  • Required main cylinder stroke 550 mm; Required blank holding cylinder stroke 280 mm
  • Required daylight 900+300 mm
  • Bolster platens size 1600*920 mm, T slots on the platen
  • Feeding height 1100 mm above the floor
  • Calculated main cylinder speed: Approach 210 mm/s; Pressing 25 mm/s; Return 200 mm/s
  • Calculated lower cylinder speed: Approach 100 mm/s; Return 100 mm/s
  • Siemens PLC control
  • Siemens 10-inch HMI, easy for setting up the technical parameters and recipes for different products
  • Double start buttons on the front and rear operating side
  • Emergency stop button on the front operating side
  • Safety mesh shields on the left & right sides
  • Safety light curtains guarding the front and rear openings of the press
  • Dual channel safety relay circuit for the safety light curtains
  • Pneumatic safety ratchet bar to prevent the sudden fall of the slider
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