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4 Post 32 Ton Hydraulic Trim Press

Product Description
Frame style4 post press
ApplicationBurr trimming for diecasting metal workpiece
Tonnage32 Ton
Driven SourceHydraulic
Ship To / Place of UseCanada
Power SupplyThree-phase AC 480/600V 60 Hz
Intended UseUsed in a burr trimming application to form diecasting metal parts for the aerospace, automotive, & consumer goods industries

Shuntec 4-post 32 ton hydraulic trim press is custom-designed and applied to deburring the burr and flash of the die casting parts after the die-casting process. All parameters including tonnage, stroke, open daylight, bed sizes are customized to best meet customers' requirements.

Custom Features:

· Top-mounted hydraulics

· 90mm diameter chrome housing posts with graphite impregnated bronze bushings for superior ram guidance and rigidity

· Required cylinder stroke 450 mm; Required maximum daylight 810 mm

· T-slotted moving and bed platens, 1000*580 mm between tie bars

· Calculated ram speed: Approach 260 mm/s; Pressing 25 mm/s; Return 230 mm/s

· Interlocked, hinged guards on 3 sides

· Light curtains guarding the front opening of the press

· Hydraulic center ejection

· Air blast valve with timer and air nozzles

· Removable base

· Portable operator console

· Banner zero force buttons  

· Safety ratchet bar

· Color HMI

· Linear position sensor & pressure sensor

· Automatic tie bar lubrication

Additional Options

· Pneumatic safety gate

· Robot interface

· Automation and integration solutions

· Spare core circuits

· Other options available on request

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