When we talk about the servo hydraulic press, we are talking about a series of hydraulic presses driven by the servo motor instead of the ordinary motor. As thus, a hydraulic press with a servo motor-driven system can also be called a servo press. Currently, in China, the servo hydraulic presses are mainly small-tonnage presses. In order to break through the limitation of the servo motor, the hybrid drive mode is a direction of the servo press development.

Shuntec Press is a professional and leading servo-hydraulic press manufacturer in China for years. With years of engineering and manufacturing experience across dozens of industries and applications, we are confident to build every press to your specifications. The main features of the servo-hydraulic press are:

1. High level of versatility, flexibility, and intelligence.

    The slider motion curve of the servo hydraulic machine is no longer just a sine curve, but an arbitrary curve that can be optimized and designed according to process requirements.

2. High precision

    Because the linear position sensors are used to detect the position of the slider, the slider has motion control accuracy throughout the entire process, especially near the bottom dead center, which can ensure that the accuracy of the slider varies within ±0.01mm; The precision in the production process is stable, and the appearance of product burrs is suppressed to prevent the production of defective products.

3. High productivity

    As the servo hydraulic press retains the advantages of the crank press, the productivity is much higher than that of the ordinary hydraulic press. It can also adjust the stroke of the slider according to the difference of the workpiece. It does not need to complete a 360-degree rotation in one cycle, but only performs a certain angle of the swing. It minimizes unnecessary trips and greatly improves productivity. This helps to further shorten the overall cycle time.