1. Structure

1) The machine body of the servo-hydraulic press can be designed in any of the traditional frame structures such as 2-post, 4-post, benchtop, c frame, etc., which are simple and compact and only takes up small area. 

2) The common type of the main cylinder is a piston-type oil cylinder with a fast cylinder inside, which can achieve high-speed downward movement and slow-speed pressing of the down-acting stroke. The double-start operation is safe and very convenient.

3) Any location through the whole journey can be positioned by an electronic ruler. High-precision positioning adopts a mechanical dead limit, and the theoretical positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm, whereas the actual positioning accuracy ranges from 0.01-0.02mm.

4) The electrical system adopts the mode of PLC + servo 

System + touch screen + proportional drive, and in collaboration with the proportional hydraulic system, it gives instructions according to specific process requirements to complete cycles of actions.

5) Multiple groups of parameter programs can be accessed freely from the friendly human-machine interface. 

6) Pressure is detected by a pressure sensor, and the machine pressure can be set according to actual needs. 

7) The servo-hydraulic press machine is optional with a shuttle worktable, which can move in and out of the working area automatically for automatic feeding. 

8) The pressing speed is fast, and the pressing cycle of a single product takes only 4-5 seconds.

2. Application

1) The servo-hydraulic press can be used for pressing operations in such areas as motor, auto parts, home appliances, and electronics industries.

2) Used in constant pressure system.

3) Used in compression and extension test system.

4) Embossing, forming, shallow drawing, shaping, and pressure fit of metal or non-metal parts. Pressing of glasses and hardware products.

5) The wide range of applicable products includes watch cases, glasses, mobile phone products, tableware, signs, jewelry, parts, etc.