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Influence of Excessive Oil Temperature on Servo Hydraulic Press Machine

When The Servo-hydraulic Press Machine Is Working, If The Oil Temperature Rises Too Fast, It Will Cause A Series Of Adverse Effects For The Hydraulic System. 

The temperature-rising and heating of the hydraulic system is a kind of comprehensive failure, just like pollution. It is mainly measured by testing the oil temperature and some hydraulic components. Temperature-rise will seriously affect the operation of the hydraulic system in the following ways.

1. It will increase the leakage of the servo-hydraulic press machine, and the volumetric efficiency of the pump and the whole system will be significantly reduced.

2. It will cause thermal deformation of the machine, which not only makes the gap between the moving parts with different thermal expansion coefficients in the hydraulic components become smaller and thus causes the parts to get jammed and causes malfunction, but affects the accuracy of the hydraulic equipment as well, resulting in poor parts processing quality.

3. It will also deform the rubber seals of the servo-hydraulic machine, causing premature aging and failure and reducing the service life. 

It will not only invalidate the rubber seals but cause leakage as well, which will, in turn, cause further heat generation and temperature rise.

4. If the oil temperature of the servo-hydraulic press is too high, it will accelerate the process of oxidative deterioration of the oil, under which condition the pitch will be released, the service time of the hydraulic oil will be reduced. 

5. As the oil temperature of the servo-hydraulic machine rises, the air separation pressure decreases, and the dissolved air escapes from the pump, resulting in cavitation, which lowers the working performance of the hydraulic system.

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