The 100-ton stretching machine is also called the deep drawing hydraulic press, which is divided into a four-column deep drawing hydraulic press and frame-type deep drawing hydraulic press from the fuselage structure; it can be also divided into single-action deep drawing hydraulic press and double-action deep drawing hydraulic machines. According to the different stretching workpieces, various forming methods such as hydraulic pad stretching, lower ejecting cylinder stretching, and die stretching are commonly used.

How 100 Ton Stretching Machine Works

The 100-ton stretching machine is suitable for various stamping processes such as stretching, bending, forming, punching, blanking, and flanging of plates. It is used in the manufacture of various containers and large automobile covers, etc., and in the molding of non-metallic materials.

1. Equipped with oil cooling device and light curtain safety protection device;

2. Optional touchscreen display and PLC programmable control system;

3. Equipped with liquid filling device for quick approaching stroke.

The 100-ton stretching machine works as follows:

1. Jogging: Press the corresponding button to generate the corresponding action, and release it to stop the action.

2. Manual: Press the corresponding button to produce the corresponding action until the limit position.

3. Semi-automatic.

(1) Constant pressure control: the sliding beam descends rapidly → descends slowly → pressurizes to the upper limit of the electric contact pressure gauge, then delays holding pressure → relieves pressure → returns (stops afterward).

(2) Constant position control: the sliding beam descends rapidly → descends slowly → pressurizes. When the sliding beam touches the proximity switch, it sends a signal to start holding the pressure delay → unloading → return (stop after).