The Explosive Device Is A Key Component Of Weapons And Ammunition And Other Deflagration Systems. 

It is particularly important to ensure the quality of the explosive devices. As you may already, the production process has a decisive influence on the performance of the explosive device. Therefore, in addition to factors such as the materials used and product design, the quality of the explosive device must be guaranteed by a reliable production process. In the entire production process of explosive devices, the powder pressing process is one of the key processes. Parameters such as pressure accuracy, pressurization speed, and pressure-holding time in the process of powder pressing have an important influence on the quality of explosive devices. At present, the traditional powder pressing machine generally has disadvantages such as low accuracy, poor stability, inconvenient equipment adjustment when changing products, and low digitization, which ultimately leads to a low yield of explosive devices and many potential safety hazards. Therefore, the development of an explosion-proof servo press for the production of explosive devices with high reliability and flexibility is of great significance for improving the production capacity and level of explosive devices.

The mechanical part of the explosion-proof servo press for explosive devices is mainly composed of the C-frame machine body, the explosion-proof cover, and the dust cover, etc. The C-frame body is the core functional component of the equipment, which is used to realize the precise control and output of pressure during the suppression process of explosive devices. The explosion-proof servo motor and the servo-electric cylinder are arranged and installed horizontally. Equipped with a high-precision explosion-proof pressure sensor and position sensor, the machine can realize the real-time high-precision closed-loop control of the output pressure during the suppression process throughout its entire stroke.

Based on the specific process requirements and technical indicators in the process of powder pressing, the overall structure of the press and the design of the electrical control system are determined; combined with the characteristics of the pressure controlled object in the powder pressing process, the powder pressing pressure control method which is based on the variable-speed integral PID algorithm is designed, and the experiment of powder pressing is conducted. The explosion-proof servo press can achieve a pressure accuracy of more than 0.3%. The pressing force is adjustable in the range of 100-2000KG, and the pressure holding time can be freely set according to the requirements, which truly realizes the flexibility and digitization of the explosive device suppression process.

The Explosion-Proof Servo Press Is Mainly Composed Of The Following Functional Mechanisms:

1. Logic and motion control system: It mainly completes human-computer interaction, signal acquisition, and control output, closed-loop control of suppression pressure, and logic control required by other systems.

2. Servo driver: it responds to the control output signal of the motion controller and converts it into a drive output that the servo motor can accept, completing the semi-closed loop motion control of the motor end.

3. Explosion-proof servo motor: the power source for the pressure output of the explosion-proof servo press.

4. Explosion-proof pressure sensor: It detects the real-time pressure on the die head/slider of the machine and converts it into a standard electrical signal that can be recognized by the motion controller as the feedback input of the pressure closed-loop control system.

5. Other mechanical devices: mainly include deceleration booster mechanism, servo-electric cylinder, etc.

The Suppression Process Is Divided Into Four Stages:

1. The rapid-approaching stage.

2. Material suppression pressing stage.

3. Pressure holding stage.

4. Quick return stage.