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Common Knowledge of Servo Hydraulic Press

Servo Hydraulic Press Is A New Style Of Electric Pressing Equipment. In the line of punching and press fitting products, servo-hydraulic press stands out with its advantages of high precision, intelligence, flexibility, power efficiency, and stability. It is commonly used in the press-fitting operation of such areas as auto parts, engine pack, circuit board, motor bearing, scientific research, and special units. Industry insiders should know and grasp the common knowledge of servo-hydraulic press with a conscientious attitude, which will otherwise affect the overall understanding of the product and project. In view of the above, we introduce the following common knowledge of servo-hydraulic press:

1. Which frame structure should servo-hydraulic press adopt? Welding structure or cast structure? What is the difference between them?

Servo hydraulic press with welding structure has greater pressure bearing capacity than that with cast structure, so large-scale or high-duty servo-hydraulic press generally adopt welding structure.  

2. What material is the stamping mold cutter made of? 

The stamping mold cutter in the servo-hydraulic press is generally made of carbon or alloyed tool steel. The carbon tool steel or alloy tool steel has to undergo heat treatment to reach HRC60 hardness, otherwise, they can not be used for the cutter.

3. What is the cushion block of the servo-hydraulic press made of?

The cushion block of servo-hydraulic press is generally made of concrete. 

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