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Advantages of Servo Press Machine in Automobile Manufacturing Process

Servo press machine, as a new technology, has advantages that traditional hydraulic presses do not have. In automotive manufacturing processes, such as cylinder head valve seat ring and pipe press fitting, cylinder waterway blanking cap press fitting, transmission bearing press fitting, wheel hub assembling, and others, the servo press machine is gradually taking place of traditional hydraulic presses and has significantly improved the level of the automobile manufacture process. 

Analysis Of  Advantages

1. High Efficiency And Energy Saving

There is no energy consumption caused by clutch friction and flywheel idling. What’s more, the motor itself is of high efficiency, which makes the servo press machine highly efficient and energy-saving.

2. Intelligent Automatic Numerical Control

The operation of the press is controlled by a high-speed computer intelligent numerical control system, which can be fully automated without resorting to manual operation.

3. Long Service Time Of Mold

The pressure is numerically controlled, so the mold will not be overloaded, worn, or damaged.

4. The Products Are Precisely Formed, With Small Tolerances And High Precision

The pressure is under stable numerical control, and the mold wear is reduced to a minimum. The products are precisely formed under precise numerical control. The forge pieces have no/few trimmings, tolerance is small, and precision is high. No/few cutting is needed. Subsequent processes such as milling and digging are also not needed. With such capability, stud gear and bevel gear can be directly shaped and produced. 

5. High Reliability

The servo press has no quick-wear parts, the motor rotor has neither windings nor conductors and not to mention permanent magnets. It is stronger than permanent magnet servo motors, sturdy, reliable, and shock-resistant. The equipment is maintenance-free and thus does not entail any maintenance personnel and working hours. 

6. Intelligent Mold Adjustment

The machine body is equipped with a tonnage sensor, which can adjust and test the mold under pressure control. When the slow-speed mold adjustment and short-distance mold alignment are performed, the machine will not be caused to stop. And for mold adjustment and trial, no special equipment and personnel are needed, which saves human resources and working hours.

7. Information Management

The process parameters are numerically controlled in real-time and feedback is given by the communication network in real-time, which realizes the information control of product quality and the traceability of product quality.

8. Resource-saving And Environment-friendly

No permanent magnet rare earth materials are needed, which saves rare and valuable resources and avoids damage to the environment caused by the mining of rare-earth.

9. The Human-machine Interface Has Good Interaction

The motor is numerically controlled. In this way, the user can only input simple displacement and speed parameters to realize the numerical control of an intelligent flexible process curve. The users do not need to compile the process curve by themselves, which shows the great convenience of the machine. 

10. The Structure Of The Equipment Motor-deceleration Mechanism-brake-working Unit Is Extremely Simple And Concise, And The Cost Is Low.

With the rapid development of modern industry, the automated production equipment for servo presses is gradually developing towards intelligence, flexibility, energy-saving, high precision, high quality, and high safety.

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