Servo-electric press advantages

1)Real-time monitoring and real-time control. The servo-electric press adopts a modular design, closed-loop control system, which can ensure 100% quality throughout the assembly process. It can achieve and output the curve of force and displacement monitor, force and time monitor, with press control, displacement control, and rate control.

2)High accuracy. With servo-electric press, the press-fitting precision is less than 1%, and part precision is ±0.01 mm.

3)Discrimination and traceability. Instantly collect data and output force and displacement curve diagrams, configure a size identification dialog box, and automatically identify the pressing results.

4)Easy to use and easy to integrate. The Shuntec servo press is equipped with a 12-inch industrial touch screen, easy integration, and convenient data setting and saving.

5)Strong rigidity. The servo press is suitable for press-fitting work.

6)Safety, energy-saving, and environmental protection. The electric servo press is 70% more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than the conventional hydraulic press, and 90% more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than the pneumatic power source machines. The maintenance is low-cost, and the product cost can be further reduced.