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Advantages of Electric Servo Press Machine

  1. High Accuracy

Servo motor is used as a power source. The transmission mechanism is composed of a ball screw and a synchronous belt and is very simple and highly efficient. The repeat accuracy error is 0.01%.

  2. Energy Saving

The energy released during the deceleration phase of the working cycle can be converted into electric energy for reuse, thereby reducing operating costs. 

  3. Precise Control

Electric servo press can realize precise control according to the set parameters. With the support of high-precision sensors, metering devices, and computer technology, it can greatly exceed the control accuracy that can be achieved by other control methods.

  4. Improve The Level Of Environmental Protection

due to the reduction of the energy used and the optimized performance of the electric drive, the pollution sources are reduced and the noise is reduced, which provides a better guarantee for the environmental protection work of the factory.

  5. Reduce Noise

The operating noise value of an electric servo press is less than 70 decibels and is about 2/3 of the noise value of a hydraulic press machine.

  6. Cost Saving

electric servo press is exempt from the cost and trouble caused by the hydraulic control system because there is no hard pipe or hose required, and no need to cool the hydraulic oil.

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