Carbon fiber is made of natural fiber or man-made fiber processed or carbonized under certain conditions. If it is used to make composite materials, the carbon fiber has to undergo a series of surface treatments. Carbon fiber composite materials include carbon fiber/resin, carbon fiber/metal, carbon fiber/carbon, and other products. Among them, carbon fiber reinforced resin composite materials are most widely used in many industries and applications. The specific strength of glass fiber is similar to that of carbon fiber, but the specific stiffness is much lower. Obviously, carbon fiber/resin has superior performance than FRP. Carbon fiber composite materials are usually hot molded by the composite material hydraulic press. It can be one-time molded, with high efficiency and fast speed. The carbon fiber thermoforming machines are currently the ideal equipment for producing carbon fiber composite materials.

The 1000 ton carbon fiber thermoforming servo hydraulic press is equipped with a servo hydraulic system, which has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. In addition, Shuntec can custom build the carbon fiber thermoforming press with required heated platen temperature, cramping movement speed, pressure cramping and burp cycle managing. The Shuntec compression molding press is highly customized manufacturing solutions specifically for molding SMC and BMC.

The 1000-ton carbon fiber hot forming hydraulic press with servo hydraulic system possess an obvious advantages over the conventional hydraulic press;

   1. The conventional carbon fiber thermoforming hydraulic press is designed for simpreciprocating motion; The servo hydraulic carbon fiber thermoforming press is designed with precision control. It pays more attention to dynamic performance, and it can be used in the application with complicated forming processes; 

   2. Friction force should be considered for servo cylinder. In the servo hydraulic system, it affects the dynamic response, control accuracy, stability, etc. of the system. In the design of the servo hydraulic cylinder, seals with low friction coefficient should be selected, and the moving surface should be more precise than the conventional ones. .

   3. Servo hydraulic cylinder is the actuator in the servo-hydraulic system or proportional system. It realizes the direction, position, speed or deformation of the object by applying controllable pushing, pulling, pressing, torsion and other forces to an object. In order to simplify the mechanism when designing the entire control system, the signal detection and feedback device servo valve or proportional valve, etc. are often directly installed on the servo hydraulic cylinder.

Carbon fiber composite material is an important reinforcement material in advanced composite materials. It is widely used in the field of defense industry. It is an indispensable strategic for advanced equipment such as military aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, military cabinets, rockets, missiles, satellites, ships, etc. The Shuntec four-column carbon fiber composite material thermoforming press and gib-guide frame type composite carbon fiber thermoforming press are two structures for customers to choose from.