Advantages Of Pneumatic Press

(1) Air source is very convenient. The air can be exhausted directly after use. There is no pollution in the process.

(2) Because air viscosity is small, the friction force during gas transmission is also small. Therefore, the air can be supplied centrally and transported over a long distance.

(3) Pneumatic press has good adaptability to the working environment. Especially in harsh working environments such as flammable, explosive, dusty, strong magnetism, radiation, vibration, etc., it has a higher degree of safety and reliability than hydraulic press and electric servo press.

(4) Pneumatic action is rapid, quick response, and can be adjusted conveniently. Automatic control can be realized by air pressure signals.

(5) The pneumatic components are featured by simple structure, low cost, and long service life. It has an automatic protection mechanism that will be activated under overloaded conditions. It is easy to standardize, serialize and generalize.

Disadvantages Of Pneumatic Press

(1) The stability of working speed is poor.

(2) The output force or torque of the pneumatic press machine is small when working pressure is low (0.3~1 MPa).

(3) The air purification process is more complicated because impurities and water vapor in the gas source must be purified.

(4) Due to the low air viscosity and poor lubricity, a separate lubricating device is required.

(5) There is a loud noise in the air exhaust process.