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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydraulic Press

Advantages Of The Hydraulic Press

(1) Since oil is generally used as the transmission medium, the hydraulic components have good lubrication conditions. the working fluid can be transported to any position through the pipeline, allowing a certain distance between the hydraulic actuator and the hydraulic pump. A hydraulic control system can easily change the rotational motion of the prime motor into linear motion.

(2) A wide range of step-less speed regulation can be realized during operation.

(3) The hydraulic press is easy to realize load control, speed control, and direction control, and control methods include centralized control, remote control, and automatic control.

(4) The movement inertia is small and the response speed is fast.

(5) The hydraulic press machines are widely used for both heavy-duty and light-duty applications.

Disadvantages Of The Hydraulic Press

(1) The overall efficiency is low.

(2) The performance and efficiency of the transmission system are greatly affected by temperature.

(3) The liquid has a certain degree of compressibility, and there is inevitable leakage on the mating surface, so a strict transmission ratio cannot be guaranteed for hydraulic drive. 

(4) The working fluid is very sensitive to pollution, and the contaminated working fluid is very harmful to the hydraulic components. Therefore, troubleshooting of hydraulic systems is difficult and has higher requirements for the technical level of the operation and maintenance personnel.

(5) Hydraulic components have relatively high requirements for manufacturing precision, surface roughness, material, and heat treatment, so the cost is relatively high.

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