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What to Consider When Selecting a Servo Press Machine?

Servo press machines usually refer to presses driven and controlled by servo motors, including metal forging servo presses and dedicated servo presses for the refractory industry.

So, what to consider when selecting a servo press machine

What to Consider When Selecting a Servo Press Machine?

1. First of all, the accuracy of the servo press. Accuracy refers to how accurately the pressure and position stop at a specific point. It is related to the resolution of the driver, the resolution of the pressure transmitter, the accuracy of the servo motor and the response speed of the reaction equipment.

2. The structure of the servo press machine. The common structures are four-column, single-column, C frame, horizontal, H frame-type, etc. So, the selection of the structure needs to be based on the product size and structure.

3. The functions of the servo press machine. The servo press is widely used in forging, stamping, assembling, assembling, pressing, forming, flanging, shallow drawing, etc. Different functions often have different structures, so you need to choose the appropriate servo press according to your own situation.

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