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What Is Forging Hydraulic Press

According to actual functions and applications, the hydraulic presses can be divided into different types, such as forging hydraulic press, stretching hydraulic press, correction hydraulic press, and so on. Today’s topic is forging hydraulic press. 

What Are Forging And Forging Hydraulic Press

Forging is a manufacturing process that uses compressive forces to shape metal into the intended geometry. Before industrialization, such forces came from hand hammers and manpower, which were not large enough to process larger and stronger parts. Therefore, people began to consider using machines to take the place of hammers and manpower, and the forging press was born in response to the needs for a larger and stronger power. 

Forging presses are specifically used for the process of press forging. It can be divided into mechanical forging press and hydraulic forging press. Nowadays, hydraulic forging presses are much preferred to mechanical types due to their unique advantages. 

Features And Advantages Of Forging Hydraulic Press

1. The pressurizing energy can be pre-set simply and accurately. The system is driven directly by the servo motor, and the running speed is fast. 

2. There is no structural bottom dead center and the situation of sliding jam so that the pressing and forging result is more uniform. 

3. When approaching the bottom dead center, the slider speed is extremely fast. It only takes a very short time for the die to extrude the material. By virtue of the above, the service life of the molds can be greatly prolonged. 

3. The whole structure is very simple with the direct drive of the servo motor, and the maintenance cost is low. 

4. The slider has two control modes: constant stroke and constant pressure, which can realize the functions of pressure holding and delay. The working pressure and stroke size can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements.

5. The electrical control system has two control schemes: relay and PLC. The electrical system controlled by PLC is sensitive, reliable, and flexible. The operation buttons are distributed on the panel and there is an active button station, which is convenient to operate. 

One Key Technology In Forging Hydraulic Press

Among various technologies that are applied by a forging hydraulic press, there is a very noticeable technology that can greatly save power and improve efficiency. For a traditional hydraulic oil system, when the pressing speed is improving, the press will require more motor power 

and pump flow. Sometimes when the pressing speed is low, the press will run at a motor power that is higher than necessary, and so there is a waste of power. With the above-mentioned technology, the press can calculate the required oil flow for each running step. When the press generates additional energy during slow pressing, the system can store it via electromagnetic valves to the accumulator. Then during fast pressing, the system will give a signal to start the accumulator which will release the additional energy to supplement the fast pressing process. In real applications, more than one accumulator is added to the forging press to store and release additional energy, so as to save power and improve efficiency. 

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