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What Do Filters In Your Hydraulic System Do?

There are mainly four types of filters commonly used in hydraulic systems: high-pressure filters, low-pressure filters, water filters, and air filters. The following is a detailed introduction for you:

1. High-pressure filter

The high-pressure filter is installed on the high-pressure oil pipeline of the oil pump. This installation method can protect all hydraulic components except the pump, and the filtration accuracy is generally 10μm.

What Do Filters In Your Hydraulic System Do?

2. Low-pressure filter

In order to prevent the filter from working at high temperatures, it can be installed on the oil return pipeline, and the filtration accuracy is generally 20μm. This installation method cannot directly prevent impurities from entering each hydraulic component, so it cannot play a direct protective role, but it can often remove impurities in the oil, thereby indirectly protecting the hydraulic components.

3. Water filter

The water filter is installed in the water inlet pipe of the cooler, and its main function is to ensure the cleanliness of the cooling water entering the cooler.

4. Air filter

When the hydraulic system is working, the oil in the tank will discharge air from the inside to the outside when it rises, and inhale air from the outside to the inside when it falls. In order to purify the oil, an air filter is installed vertically on the fuel tank cover to filter the inhaled air; at the same time, the air filter is also an oil filling port, and new working oil is injected, which must be filtered and then enter the oil tank, so as to filter out the oil. Except for dirt particles in the oil.

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