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The Advantages of Servo Hydraulic Assembly Press

The servo-hydraulic press is an energy-saving hydraulic press that uses a servo motor to drive the main oil pump, reduces the control valve loop, and precisely controls the slider of the hydraulic press. The hydraulic servo system has unique advantages such as fast speed, large load, and large power. The press is widely used in assembly applications.

Compared with the traditional hydraulic assembly press, the advantages of the servo hydraulic assembly press are obvious:

1. Numerical input for press-in depth, pressure-holding time, and pressure can be easily adjusted via the HMI. The operation is very quick and simple.

2. When the servo-hydraulic press is press-fitting, the entire process of pressure and displacement can be displayed on the HMI. The entire process of assembling can be managed and monitored online. The function of real-time quality detection can also help to judge whether the product is qualified or not, and can remove the inferior-quality assembled product in time. 

3. Its external end is connected to the computer, and the processing data can be stored in the computer. This helps to ensure the traceability of the data and facilities management.

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