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Powder Forming Hydraulic Press - How Are Dumbbell Blocks Made?

As auxiliary equipment for weightlifting exercises, dumbbells are popular among fitness enthusiasts because of their advantages of portability and easy storage. The processing of dumbbell blocks generally requires special hydraulic press equipment. Shuntec Press has designed and produced a dumbbell block powder forming hydraulic press, which adopts a four-beam and four-column structure. With the cooperation of the mold, one-time pressing and forming of the dumbbell counterweight can be realized. The hydraulic press is equipped with a servo-hydraulic system, which has a high degree of automation, high productivity, power saving, and durability.

There is more than one production process for dumbbell blocks, and the more commonly used ones include casting and powder molding. In recent years, with the improvement of the technology level and the reduction of cost, the powder molding process has increasingly become the first choice for dumbbell block manufacturers. Dumbbell block powder forming hydraulic press is cost-effective production equipment specially designed for customers. It can press the dumbbell counterweight by cold pressing first and then hot pressing, or directly hot press iron powder. The key lies in the right pressure and matching mold.

Dumbbell block powder molding process

  1. Preparation of raw material powder. It can be pure metal or its alloys, non-metals, compounds of metals and non-metals, and various other compounds.
  2. Put the mixture into the mold, start the dumbbell block powder forming hydraulic press to press down, and make the dumbbell counterweight block of the desired shape.
  3. Heat the pressed dumbbell counterweight blank, and after reaching the required temperature, put it on the dumbbell block powder forming hydraulic press for secondary pressure to achieve the required density. It is also possible to directly use iron powder to cold-press the dumbbells or directly heat the iron powder and put it on a hydraulic press for one-time hot-pressing.
  4. Under the action of the ejector cylinder, the pressed dumbbell counterweight is ejected out of the mold and sent to the safe area by the pushing mechanism.

According to the material, specification, density, weight, etc. of the dumbbell counterweight, Shuntec Press can produce 315 tons, 400 tons, 500 tons, 630 tons, 800 tons, 1000 tons, 1500 tons, and other different tonnages of dumbbell block powder forming hydraulic press for customers. The forming hydraulic press can press all kinds of metal, non-metal, ceramic, and refractory products. It can be floating and pressed during processing. The two cylinders can simultaneously press in both directions. The dumbbell counterweight can be uniformly pressed in both directions with uniform density.

This dumbbell block powder forming hydraulic press designed and produced by Shuntec Press is not only used for pressing dumbbell block products but also suitable for pressing and forming various counterweight blocks, such as elevator counterweight blocks, mining machinery counterweight blocks, etc. The equipment is equipped with a servo numerical control system, which is energy-saving, low-noise, small in size, prevents oil from heating, adjustable in speed, and adjustable in pressure.

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