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Plastic Formwork Compression Molding Press - How Is the Plastic Building Formwork Made?

Plastic building formwork is one of the most popular formwork products in recent years. Compared with building formwork of other materials, plastic building formwork has the advantages of heat and cold resistance, anti-aging, high finish, and can be used repeatedly. The plastic building formwork is mainly made of polypropylene plastic, and its production and processing mostly adopt the hot compression molding process. Shuntec Press has designed and produced a compression molding hydraulic press for molding plastic building formwork. It has the tie-rod structure of a three-beam four-column. With different molds, it can realize one-time molding of plastic building shells of different specifications.

According to the material, specification, thickness, process, etc. of the plastic building formwork, Shuntec Press can design and produce 600 tons, 800 tons, 1000 tons, 1250 tons, 1500 tons, 2000 tons, and other tonnages of plastic building formwork compression molding press for customers. The required pressure, working bed, cylinder stroke, process action, etc. can be customized on demand. The equipment is also featured in high efficiency and high speed. It is ideal production equipment for building plastic mold formwork.

Process Flow of Plastic Building Formwork Compression Molding Press

  1. Preheating and pressing: preheating plastic powder, particles, and fibers. Pre-pressing is to press the loose raw materials into plastic blanks of certain quality and shape, in order to facilitate putting into the mold.
  2. Feeding: Put the pressed plastic raw material into the open mold.
  3. Mold clamping: close the mold, and at the same time, the plastic building shell compression molding hydraulic press heats and pressurizes, so that the plastic melts and fills the cavity.
  4. Ejection: After the plastic parts are hardened and formed, the plastic parts are released.

Plastic building formwork molding is a kind of composite material compression molding. The powdered, granular, or fibrous plastic is first put into the forming mold, and then the mold is closed and pressed to form and solidify. It can also be used for compression molding of thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics, and rubber materials.

The plastic building formwork compression molding hydraulic press designed and produced by Shuntec adopts the pressure design of three stages of pre-compression, molding, and pressure holding, and can set the time segmented pressure for scientific distribution, which makes the energy efficiency of the equipment more significant. High precision PLC control, simple and fast mold replacement, high molding pressure, short production cycle, and high production efficiency. It is a safe and reliable molding hydraulic press.

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