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Performance and Characteristics of Small Hydraulic Presses

Performance of Small Hydraulic Presses

1. The four-column structure of a small hydraulic press, is simple, economical, and practical. The frame structure has good rigidity, high precision, and strong anti-fraud load ability.

2. The hydraulic control system adopts the integral cartridge valves. The leakage point of the hydraulic system is reduced. The small hydraulic press acts smoothly and reliably, yet with long service life.

3. PLC control which is sensitive, reliable, and flexible. The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements. The machine operation is simple.

5. There are three operation modes: manual adjustment, two-hand semi-auto cycling, and automatically continuous working cycle (with an automatic feeding device). 

6. Rotary selector switch of the three processing operations optional: cycles with cushion, without cushion, ejecting.

Characteristics of Small Hydraulic Presses

1. The design of this model adopts four-column and three-plate open space, and the four columns are respectively equipped with self-lubricating bearings.

2. The working area is sufficient. It is suitable for the installation of larger molds, and suitable for large-area leveling, punching, bending, etc.

3. The hydraulic circuit design is simple. The motor power demand is small, and the maintenance is easy. The circuit design can also be changed according to the customer's work requirements to achieve the purpose of the work.

4. The machine can be moved freely with wheels.

5. Two-hand operation, safety light curtain, and interlocked safety mesh shield are installed to ensure safe operation.

6. The rotary indexing plate, automatic feeding devices, and returning devices are optional.

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