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Introduction of Shuntec Four-Column 200 Ton Hydraulic Press

Use Purpose of Four-Column 200 ton Hydraulic Press

Shuntec four-column 200 ton hydraulic press is a common machine model used in many industries. Usage includes forging, stamping, cold extrusion, straightening, die-cutting, aluminum sheet stretching, aluminum product die forming, and stainless steel product dies forming.


Shuntec four-column 200-ton hydraulic press is composed of an upper beam, a sliding block, a worktable, a four-post rod, the main cylinder, a hydraulic power system, and an electrical system. The upper beam, sliding block, and worktable are welded with high-quality steel plates, and the internal stress is eliminated by vibratory stress relief. The surfaces of all four columns are medium-frequency quenched and chrome-plated.


1. Three-stage speed control of the movable beam: fast approaching speed, slow pressing speed, and fast return speed.

2, The main cylinder and the press cylinder have upper and lower limit protection, and the setting of the upper and lower limit positions is simple, convenient, and fast, either by the position limit switches or via HMI.

3. Safety protection methods to ensure safe operation.

4. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, novel styles.


1. The lower cylinder plunger is replaced with the structure of hard chromium-plated steel and a wear-resistant ring to avoid the problem of plunger cracking.

2. The sealing ring of the lower cylinder adopts an imported combination ring, which can last for more than 15 years without replacement.

3. Columns and piston rods are all treated with intermediate-frequency heat treatment, and the surface is hard chrome-plated.

4. The material ejecting cylinder can be individually jog controlled.

5. The hydraulic system uses a cartridge valve. Cartridge valve has a large passage which has the advantages of large flow, high speed, low noise, and low heat. 

6. Electrical control is realized by a single-chip microcomputer. The advantage of this system is that it has a safe control voltage of 24V. There is no intermediate relay.

 6. The whole computer chip has high stability, long service life, and simple operation.

7.  A wide range of grating safety protection devices.

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