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How To Select Hydraulic Oil Coolers?

1. Input power method

The hydraulic oil cooler is selected according to 15%~30% of the input power as the heating power of the system. The calculation of this method is often rough, without considering the volume of the fuel tank, the heat dissipation of the pump, pipeline, valve block, etc., it is generally safer to choose the larger one.

2. Empirical analogy

An analogy based on past successful experiences can save tedious calculations and conversions between different cooling unit systems. Experienced engineers have also accumulated a lot of successful experience in the selection of hydraulic oil coolers, and this method is more effective.

How To Select Hydraulic Oil Coolers?

3. Water cooler calculation

The water cooler generally uses the heat exchange area to characterize its cooling capacity. The calculation formula of the heat exchange area is: AL=859.8Pv/(ΔT*K)

In the formula: AL--required heat exchange area, m2;

PV--fuel tank temperature rise power, kW;

ΔT--average temperature difference, °C, generally take ΔT=T1-T2, where T1--oil inlet temperature, T2--oil outlet temperature;

K--heat transfer coefficient [kW/(m2 ℃)], when the cooling water flow is small and the hydraulic oil viscosity is high, take K=200; when the general working oil is K=250; when the cooling water flow is large, the viscosity of hydraulic oil K is =350~400.

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