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How To Select A Hydraulic Filter?

In order to make the hydraulic press system and components have an ideal working life, it is necessary to control the pollution of the oil. But how? First of all, we need to reasonably configure different types of filters according to certain conditions. Here are tips about how to select hydraulic filters.

1. Inlet and outlet diameter of the hydraulic filter

The inlet and outlet diameter of the hydraulic filter should not be smaller than the inlet diameter of the matching pump, which is generally the same as the diameter of the inlet pipeline.

2. Nominal pressure of the hydraulic system

Determine the pressure rating of the filter according to the highest possible pressure in the hydraulic filter line.

How To Select A Hydraulic Filter?

3. Filter precision

The components of the hydraulic press largely determine the requirements for the filtration accuracy of the system. Therefore, when selecting the filtration precision of the hydraulic filter, the filtration precision required by the components most sensitive to cleanliness must be considered first.

4. Filter material

The material of the hydraulic filter is generally the same as that of the connected process pipeline. For different service conditions, cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel, or stainless steel filters can be considered.

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