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How to Control Contamination in Hydraulic Press System During Manufacturing

During the manufacturing process of the hydraulic press, contamination control of the hydraulic press system should be carried out in the processes of processing, assembly, pipeline preparation, packaging, and shipping.

1. Contamination control of hydraulic oil

Refueling directly into the fuel tank without filtering conditions has caused contamination of the hydraulic press system.

2. Main points of quality control of integrated blocks

Clean up flashes, burrs, and iron filings in the channel of the integrated block, and remove them by grinding. In this process, a cold light source is generally required to observe the inside of the tunnel.

How to Control Contamination in Hydraulic Press System During Manufacturing

3. Pipeline contamination control

When welding hydraulic pipelines, especially high-pressure pipelines, argon arc welding should be used to ensure the welding quality and reduce the pollution of the internal welding impurities to the medium.

4. Contamination control of components such as filters

The selection of the material of the filter element should be highly valued. The low-quality filter material may not only cause rupture and failure but also cause hydraulic press system pollution due to the fiber of the filter material.

5. Demolition and protection of the hydraulic press system

After the hydraulic press system is manufactured, blockage protection during the dismantling process is particularly important. The sealing protection should fully consider the packaging and transportation conditions to ensure that the sealing is firm and prevents it from falling off.

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