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How Does the Servo Press Monitor the Pressure Displacement?

1. The oil seal of the servo press is a very important part of the assembly process. If it fails or is used abnormally, it will lead to high maintenance costs, immeasurable downtime, and most importantly, reduce customer confidence in product quality.

Reasons for problems: Usually, the equipment's accuracy during the installation process and the design of the tooling are defective.

How to monitor this problem: F-S monitoring curve + import evaluation window.

Solution: adjust the device precision. Use correct work equipment. The servo press monitors the whole process and sets up an evaluation window to evaluate the press-fitting process.

How Does the Servo Press Monitor the Pressure Displacement?

2. After the ring gear is pressed in, the binding force is insufficient, and there is a risk that the ring gear will fall off later, and the ABS will fail.

The cause of the problem: is the tolerance of the fit size (the wall of the ring gear itself is thin). After the ring gear is mated, more force is applied to the ring gear, causing the ring gear to be overstressed.

How to monitor this problem: Monitor the inflection point force magnitude.

Solution: control the tolerance size or use hot pressing. Limit the final stopping force.

3. The valve seat of the cylinder head of the servo press cannot be pressed to the bottom. After a period of operation, the valve seat will fall, and the valve clearance will become empty, which will seriously cause the valve to burn out and leak air.

The cause of the problem: the material is cut and pressed in, and the positioning surface causes a gap of 0.02mm to be out of tolerance and be scrapped. The coaxiality difference between the upper and lower indenters. The size of the hole or seat is out of tolerance, etc.

How to monitor this problem: F-S monitoring curve + import evaluation window + inflection point evaluation window.

Solution: Adjust the accuracy of the servo press and use the correct tooling.

Through the analysis of the failures that often occur in the press-fitting and assembly process of the above three typical parts of the servo press, it shows how Shuntec Machinery monitors and discovers unqualified products in the production process in time, so as to ensure the pass rate of products and eliminate unqualified products after they enter the market. Risk of quality problems.

For assembly occasions with high requirements for press-fitting, it is more suitable to use Shuntec Machinery's servo press, a complete set of servo press-fitting systems with stable pressure and accurate displacement. Compared with the traditional integrated system of PLC+electric actuator+pressure displacement sensor, the whole set of servo press press-fitting system has faster response speed and higher control precision; it can collect more accurate press-fitting process data, and can monitor the process Accurately evaluate the abnormality that occurs, and respond quickly when we need precise control of force or displacement, and meet the specified control requirements.

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