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Features and Applications of C Frame Hydraulic Press

C frame hydraulic presses play different roles for different products. For shaft parts, profiles, etc., the C frame press is mainly used to complete the pressing of the parts; for metal materials, it is mainly used for the stretching, blanking, bending, flanging, correction, pressing, and cold & hot extrusion of the material. It is also indispensable for compression molding of such products as powder products, plastic products, etc. How much do you know about the application and features of C frame presses? Let’s take a look!

Application Of C Frame Hydraulic Press

1. The C frame hydraulic press is mainly used for correction and press-fitting of shaft sleeve parts, and can also be used for other processing purposes.

2. As the C frame press stands upright, and its equipment parts are inside the machine body, the appearance is neat and beautiful.

3. The C frame hydraulic press can be used for handle and pedal operation. The pressure of the hydraulic press can be adjusted within the specified range. The stroke can be controlled with a relatively simple operation.

Three Features Of C Frame Hydraulic Press

1. The integral welded solid open structure of the press can keep the body rigid enough while having a convenient operating space.

2. The press has noticeable advantages such as good structural rigidity, good guiding performance, fast speed, etc. 

3. The convenient manual adjustment mechanism of the press can adjust the position of the pressure head or can press any position in stroke, and it can also arbitrarily adjust the distance between a fast forward stroke and a pressing stroke。  

The C Frame Press Has Strong Versatility

It’s optional to have an additional pressure sensor to convert into a press-fitting force value and display it digitally through data acquisition and system processing composed of the PLC. When the force exceeds the limit, it will send out a sound and light alarm and shutdown signal, so as to achieve automatic control of press-fitting force. The load display controller can control the value accurately and display it clearly; it has a fast response speed and stable and reliable working conditions. Different sensors and application software can be replaced for different forging equipment with different tonnages. By using a counter, every operator knows the total number and the unqualified number. And the two-hand start button is added to make the operation of the machine safer.

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