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Fault Diagnosis Of Four-Post Hydraulic Press

In the use of a four-post hydraulic press, due to the poor working environment, long operation time, frequent oil conversion movement, and system failures multiple, the reasons are various, fault judgment and elimination are also more complex, do a good job of fault diagnosis to do:

Fault Diagnosis Of Four-Post Hydraulic Press

1. Familiar with the working characteristics of the four-post hydraulic press components and the structure of the hydraulic system, working principle, master the configuration relationship of hydraulic components, accessories, system, working conditions, and environmental requirements.

2. Establish and improve the equipment technical condition inspection, maintenance, repair system, and fault technical files, and accumulate the data and operation records of the four-post hydraulic press.

3. Familiar with the fault phenomena and fault inspection methods of all kinds of hydraulic components of four-post hydraulic press, and must have certain field practical experience and equipment management knowledge.

4. Familiar with the four-post hydraulic press and the use of hydraulic system fault diagnosis and analysis methods and reasonable selection, with the necessary detection instruments and certain detection means, pay attention to learning and application of modern advanced diagnostic technology.

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