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An Introduction to Servo Hydraulic Press

Servo hydraulic presses have a wider application range than traditional hydraulic presses and have high added value. They can be applied to precision forming processes such as sheet metal stamping, isothermal forging, powder pressing, rubber vulcanization, fiberboard hot pressing, straightening, press fitting, and injection molding. The system introduction of the servo-hydraulic press is as follows:

1. High-power AC servo motor and drive control system:

At present, the servo-hydraulic press mainly uses the switched reluctance motor (SMR), which has the advantages of simplicity, reliability, high-efficiency four-quadrant operation in a wide speed and torque range, fast response speed, and low cost.

An Introduction to Servo Hydraulic Press

2. Special control system:

The closed-loop control technology of the pressure and position of the servo-hydraulic press is realized through the change of the servo motor speed. Traditional hydraulic machines are controlled by proportional valves and positions, and it is necessary to study a special control algorithm for the pump control system so that the hydraulic system has high stability and high precision between 1 and 25 MPa.

3. Energy recovery and energy management system:

In order to reduce energy loss as much as possible, it is necessary to recover and reuse the potential energy of the sliding block's own weight and the energy generated by the pressure relief of the cylinder. In terms of energy management, since the instantaneous power is many times larger than the average power, it is necessary to do a good job in energy allocation in large servo-hydraulic machines to avoid impact on the power grid.

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